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History and Success story Nokia Phone

History and Success story Nokia Phone

Nokia has been in the Australian mobile phone market since 1985. It started as a network infrastructure business helping to build the country's mobile telecommunications networks.Since those humble beginnings 24 years ago, Nokia has grown to become one of the most successful and well-recognised brands in Australia, leading the market with its mobile technology, enterprise products and services, and network infrastructure.

Nokia 1100 – world's best selling mobile phone
In might 2007, Nokia mobiles announced that its Nokia 1100 handset, launched in 2003, was the best-selling movable of all time at over two hundred million units and therefore the world's top-selling shopper electronics product.In November 2007, Nokia announced and released the Nokia N82, its initial Nseries phone with Xenon flash.In 2008, Nokia customers were able to access the "Comes With Music" program – twelve months of free access to music downloads.Also in 2008, Nokia released the Nokia E71, an inexpensive BlackBerry device giving with a full QWERTY keyboard.In August 2009 Nokia announced a high-end Windows-based mini laptop known as the Nokia Booklet 3G.In September 2009, Nokia launched 2 new music and social networking phones, X6 and X3 and a replacement handset, 7705 Twist, that swivels open to a full QWERTY keypad and options a 3mp camera, internet browsing, voice commands. It weighs solely ninety eight gm.Run your workplace on a Nokia mobileThe 1984 brick definitely got folks out of the workplace, however with the most recent models, mobility is barely the primary of their options.With internet connectivity, video conferencing, multiple messaging, document production, you'll run your workplace on a Nokia E71 or 7705 Twist, or the soon to be on the market mini laptop, the Nokia Booklet 3G from anyplace within the world.What will Nokia bring us in 2010? conclude a lot of concerning the longer term of mobile phones (link to different article)

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